Allergy testing for Southlake Patients

Allergies are bad in Texas.  Every day we see people in our clinic suffering from allergies and many times they are unaware they even have an allergy problem.  The list of symptoms caused by allergies is surprising to many people. Itchy and watery eyes, nasal congestion or runny nose, and sneezing are all commonly understood to be allergy related, but did you know that allergies can also cause asthma?  How about frequent ear infections, sinus headaches, muscle/joint pain, skin rashes/eczema, recurrent bronchitis, chronic cough, and even confusion/slowness of thought?

If you feel like you can’t ever shake a cold or you get sick all the time, or just never feel well, allergies could very well be playing a big role in your health.

What can you do about it?

Avoidance – Find out what you’re allergic to and stay away from it. Through allergy testing you can identify to which environmental antigens your body is sensitized. If you are allergic to cats, stay away from cats. If you are allergic to cockroaches (lots of people are, by the way), have the exterminator out to make sure you aren’t being exposed. Avoidance works for some who are allergic to something that can be easily avoided, but that is very often not the case. What if you are allergic to your dog? Or to grasses? Seasonal environmental allergies can be very hard to avoid. That leads to treatment option #2.

Medications – Prescription and over the counter medications can help to blunt your allergy symptoms. They don’t do much to relieve the actual cause of the allergies. If your allergy symptoms are short lived and seasonal, this may be a good option for you. If you are looking for something more definitive you may want to look into option #3.

Immunotherapy – Immunotherapy has been used by immunologists for decades to treat and cure allergy sufferers in the form of shots. Fortunately, shots aren’t the only form of allergy therapy any longer. Allergy drops are now readily available as well. Both allergy shots and sublingual drops are a natural remedy to allergy problems. By exposing your body in very miniscule and gradually increasing amounts to the natural substances to which it is over-reacting, the body can become desensitized and stop reacting to those substances as if they are bad. This can be a permanent cure for allergy problems. No more headaches, sneezing, and sinus infections! Studies show that oral allergy therapy reduces symptoms and medication use in pediatric asthma patients as well.

How do I know if I have allergies and where can I get help?

Most allergy type symptoms can also be caused by other medical problems as well. The only way to be certain you are dealing with allergies is through allergy testing. At Better Faster Urgent Care we offer needle free, pain free, allergy testing and treatment options. Most insurance plans cover allergy testing and some forms of treatment. Once you know you are dealing with allergies, you can decide which treatment option works best for you. People who suffer from severe, anaphylactic reactions should seek the help of an allergist.

Allergies can make you feel miserable. Don’t put off your health and well-being any longer. Let us help you identify the problem and get you on the road to wellness today!