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Recently, movie star Bill Paxton tragically passed away due to complications following heart surgery. It was reported he was having a valve replacement surgery due to rheumatic heart disease from a bout of rheumatic fever he had when he was 13. What is the most common cause of rheumatic fever? Untreated Strep Throat.

Parents generally worry about strep throat because they assume that it won’t go away unless treated with antibiotics. This is actually not true. Strep throat will typically resolve in 3-7 days with or without antibiotics. The true peril with strep throat and the reason you want to make sure it is treated with antibiotics is due to the risk of developing rheumatic fever if untreated. Rheumatic fever is caused by an immune response to bacteria that can develop and cause joint inflammation/pain 2-3 weeks after the initial infection occurs. This immune response can also cause rheumatic heart disease and permanent damage to valves in the heart. Other complications of untreated sore throat include abscess formation in the throat or temporary kidney injury.

indoor perennial allergiesAllergens exist in the world around us and at times, we may suffer from allergies and not know exactly why we are suffering from them. This is especially true in the household, because there may be a number of different allergens that exist, some of which we may not even be familiar with. Being able to determine the exact type of allergy that you are suffering from is the first step in being able to deal with the allergy and to reduce the symptoms to the greatest extent possible.

At Better Faster Urgent Care, we provide skin testing for allergies to those who come to our walk-in clinic. A skin test is a simple procedure in which small pinpricks insert a minuscule amount of protein from the potential allergens under your skin on your back. Each area is related to a specific type of allergen, and they are monitored closely for any type of reaction that occurs after the pinpricks take place. Typically, the reaction is only a mild bump that is similar to a mosquito bite. It may itch slightly, but it is the visible manifestation of the allergic reaction that lets your physician know the exact cause of your allergy.

Although there are many different types of allergies that may be tested for, including tree, grass, mold, weed and animal allergies, indoor perennial may also be a possibility as well. These include allergens that exist in most homes but we may not be familiar with them. They can include dust mites, German cockroach and American cockroach. If you suffer from allergic symptoms because of the presence of these allergens, it can make you quite uncomfortable.

epidermal allergyAlthough we love our animals and enjoy having them around, it can be uncomfortable when we suffer from allergies to their hair or to the dander that lines their skin. If you recognize that you have a problem with pet allergies, it is important for you to get tested so that you can have an accurate determination as to the exact type of allergy that you are experiencing and from that point, you can come up with a plan that will help you to deal with it in the best way possible. Allergy testing is available through Better Faster Urgent Care, an urgent care facility that helps people in Southlake and throughout the Dallas Metroplex.

If you suffer from allergies to your pet or to any animals in the area, you may suffer from very specific symptoms. These symptoms can include sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, watery, itchy or red eyes, skin rash, hives, chest tightness, wheezing, and shortness of breath, coughing and nasal congestion that results in facial pain. Although some people have mild allergy symptoms and are able to overcome it easily, other people may be severely allergic to animals and it could even affect their quality of life.

At Better Faster Urgent Care, we do skin testing to determine the exact reason why you are suffering from allergic symptoms. Small pinpricks are made in specific areas of the back that are mapped out and then checked for any reaction that occurs. A small amount of the protein found in the allergen is put under the skin through those pinpricks and if you are allergic, it will cause a small welt to appear. You may also suffer from some mild itching during the testing as well.

weed allergyWhen you mention the word hayfever to most people, they cringe, thinking about the uncomfortable symptoms that are associated with such an allergy. In reality, hayfever covers a wide range of allergies, one of which may be an allergic reaction to weed pollen. As you are likely aware, weeds grow quite easily in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so it is not uncommon for you to be exposed to this type of allergen regularly. The pollen is microscopic and can easily become airborne in mass quantities, traveling for miles before it reaches you.

When you are exposed to weed pollen and if you have a problem with wheat allergies, it will cause some uncomfortable symptoms. Some of the more common symptoms of this type of allergy include itchy, watery eyes, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing and a skin rash. For some individuals, it is little more than a nuisance but for others, the symptoms can be quite severe and can even affect your quality of life. In addition, it can be difficult to know what you are allergic to because the pollen can come from distant locations. That is why it is important for you to have allergy testing, which is conveniently provided through Better Faster Urgent Care.

When you are exposed to an allergen, such as weed pollen, your body reacts with the release of chemicals, including one chemical known as histamine. The release of histamine occurs within the immune system and it is a natural part of our physiology that helps to protect the body from unwanted invaders, such as bacteria and viruses. It causes inflammation, which isolates the foreign body and keeps it from entering the body further. In the case of pollen, it is actually harmless and your immune system is overreacting to the presence of pollen with a massive release of histamine. It is the histamine that causes your discomfort, not the pollen.

mold allergyAlthough there are many different types of allergens, one of the more common reasons why you may be suffering from allergic symptoms is due to a mold allergy. Mold is present in the air around us and it is a common part of our environment. If you are allergic to mold and are in the area where it exists, it can lead to other reactions and symptoms that can either be mild or quite severe. If you are concerned that you may have such an allergy, you can have a skin test done at Better Faster Urgent Care to verify it and to know what can be done to reduce your difficulties.

Some of the more common symptoms that may be associated with the mold allergy include itchy eyes, coughing, runny nose, stuffy nose, itching on the roof of the mouth and watery eyes. Those allergic reactions can be either mild or they can be more severe, depending upon your sensitivity to mold and how much mold you are exposed to. In some cases, however, mold allergies can be very severe and it can lead to serious problems, including asthma like symptoms, a difficulty with breathing and even anaphylaxis.

The first step in managing a mold allergy is to have a test done. At Better Faster Urgent Care, we do skin testing, in which a small amount of the protein from the allergen is injected under the skin with a pinprick. The areas where the pinpricks are given are marked on the back and if any type of reaction is evident, it is known that you have an allergy.

grass allergyThroughout the Dallas Metroplex, many people suffer from allergy symptoms and at times, they can be quite difficult to manage. For some individuals, allergy symptoms are nothing more than a nuisance but at times, the symptoms can be quite severe and can even affect your quality of life. There are many different types of allergies, but one of the common allergies that may be experienced in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is an allergy to grass pollen.

Since grass pollen is a relatively common trigger that can lead to allergy symptoms, it may be something that you experience on almost an ongoing basis. The symptoms that you have due to grass pollen can include coughing, stuffy nose, runny nose and itchy eyes. Although you may be suspicious that you are having a reaction to the grass in the area, there are also many other allergens that could because the problem as well. Even mold, which grows on the grass, can cause allergy symptoms so it is necessary to come to Better Faster Urgent Care for allergy testing to determine the exact reason why you are having a reaction.

Fractured Ribs

southlake broken bone doctor grapevine fractures ribsAny bone in the body can be broken but when you are suffering from fractured ribs, you have a very specific type of injury. In this article, we are going to look into the definition of fractured ribs as well as the symptoms that you may be experiencing and any treatment options that are available. Many individuals who live in the SouthLake and Grapevine areas get the treatment that they need from Better Faster Urgent Care when they suffer from this and any other difficulty. You can get the quick help through professionals that care.

Ribs can be injured in many different ways but when you are discussing a rib injury, more than likely you are talking about a fracture. When a fracture occurs, it means that the bone of the rib is broken, and it may also involve more than one of the ribs as well. More than likely, you will also experience other difficulties because the nearby muscle can be affected, including severe bruising and other difficulties.

One of the most common reasons why individuals experience a rib fracture is because of traumatic injury. This could be from a slip and fall accident, in which they land on their chest or it could be because of an automobile accident, either because of the strain of the seat belt or because you are not wearing a seat belt and may have come into contact with steering wheel. You may also experience this type of fracture if you are assaulted, because it is a common area of the body where you will be hit.

Another common reason why you may experience this difficulty is because of a problem with osteoporosis. This condition, in which the bones become brittle and thin, makes it more likely for you to experience a problem with broken bones, including those in the rib cage. When you have severe osteoporosis, it is also possible for you to have such an injury from even minor difficulties. For example, if you should happen to sneeze heavily or if you have a severe cough, you may experience a problem with a rib fracture in these instances. It is rare that young individuals are going to experience a problem with these types of fractures, unless there is a specific reason why they have them.

There are many different reasons why you may suffer from allergy symptoms but one of the more common reasons is due to a tree allergy. The pollen associated with trees tends to be very powdery and fine and can easily become airborne. In fact, with the wind in the Southlake area, it may even be possible for the pollen travel for many miles from a single tree. That is why you should not be surprised to learn that you have a tree allergy and are experiencing a reaction, even if you don't have that particular tree in your local area.

tree allergiesThe pollen that triggers a tree allergy can sometimes be seen on the surface of outdoor furniture and automobiles. In reality, however, pollen is somewhat invisible and it does not need to be seen in great measures in order for it to provoke a reaction. All it typically takes is for a slight inhalation of the pollen to cause your immune system to go into overload, producing histamine in mass quantities and resulting in the uncomfortable symptoms that you are likely experiencing.

Tree pollen symptoms may differ from one individual to another, with some people suffering from mild symptoms and others having somewhat severe reactions. Some of the more common tree allergy symptoms include runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and a skin rash. If you suffer from these symptoms, you can come to Better Faster Urgent Care to be tested and to determine if you are actually having a problem with tree pollen allergies and the specific type of tree that is causing the difficulty.


Shingles doctor shingles treatment southlake texasThere are many different types of viral infections, including those that can lead to cold sores and the viruses that cause either the common cold or the flu. Viruses may also be responsible for other difficulties that can affect various areas of the body, including a problem with shingles. This type of virus can cause a very painful rash and, that rash may affect any part of the body. In this article, we are going to discuss the reason why you experience this difficulty and what can be done to treat it properly.

First of all, it's important to recognize that there are treatment options that may be able to help if you suffer from this difficulty. You can trust the medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care to care for your needs and to provide you with any medication that is appropriate for your condition. Many individuals who live in the SouthLake or Grapevine area take advantage of the services that we offer.

The problem that you are experiencing with shingles is caused by a specific type of virus that is known as the varicella zoster virus. It is the same virus which caused you to have a problem with chickenpox at an earlier time in your life. Chickenpox may only last for a week or so, but once the virus is in the body, it is not going to exit it. Even though you may have had chickenpox many decades before your shingles occurred, it is from the same virus that has been hiding in your nervous system for all of those years. Once it begins to reactivate, it can travel through the nerve pathways and eventually, will result in shingles when it reaches the skin.

Although it is not fully understood why individuals suffer from this difficulty, it is typically thought to be a problem with your immune system. When you had chickenpox, your body developed antibodies, which kept you from developing a problem with chickenpox again, even though you still had the virus in your body. As you get older, however, your immune system may begin to weaken and it is more likely that you will experience a difficulty with shingles. This is also a problem that is more common in individuals with weak or compromised immune systems.