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Are You Feeling Dizzy?

There are many different complaints of symptoms that may be due to an underlying issue that is taking place in the human body. One of the more common complaints that can be associated with a number of different issues is dizziness. In fact, this is a term that is often used for the description of any number of different issues, from feeling weak or lightheaded to feeling is if you are going to faint. Even individuals who are unsteady on their feet may feel as if they have a problem with dizziness as well. The medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can help to diagnose your problem and provide solutions.

seasonal allergies soutlake

Do You Suffer from Seasonal Allergies?

A problem with allergies is a relatively common condition and the symptoms that are associated with it can range from mild to severe. In some cases, allergies may take place throughout the year and they may be to specific items which are always present, such as dust or different types of food. At other times, however, the allergies may only occur when the allergen is present and at other times of the year, we may be free of symptoms. The professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can assist you in feeling better when you have allergies.


Understanding Your Knee Pain

When you have pain in the area of the knee, it can be a very troubling problem. Not only does it cause discomfort, it can also limit us in many ways as well. The fact of the matter is that knee pain is not associated with one specific problem and it can occur at any age. It is also a difficulty that can come on suddenly, without warning or it may continue to build from a minor problem until it severely affects your quality of life. If you suffer from this type of difficulty, you can trust the professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care to provide you with the care you need.

knee injury keller

When Knee Injuries are a Problem

The knee is an area of the body that often experiences a difficulty with pain. Although the pain may be from the disease or other problem, it can also be as a result of an injury. Knee injuries tend to be rather devastating, because it is a load bearing joint of the body and we depend on it for many of the movements that we do throughout the day. These types of injuries can occur for a number of different reasons and may involve various parts of the knee, so a proper diagnosis is necessary. The medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can take care of your needs quickly and efficiently.


Are You Dealing with a Viral Infection?

There are many different types of infections that can make you ill. One type of infection is caused by a virus, a microscopic organism that is smaller in size than bacteria. Viruses can cause any number of different illnesses, from the common cold or the flu all the way to AIDS and other deadly diseases. They also are a difficult issue to treat, but there may be options to help you to feel more comfortable. This article will review more about illnesses associated with viruses and what you may be able to do to get help when you are suffering in the Southlake area.


Taking a Closer Look at Coughs

Our body is constantly being exposed to foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, mold and other issues that are in the environment around us. We breathe these items in through our nose or mouth and once they are inside of our lungs, they can result in irritation. In some cases, the irritant that is in our lungs may also make us sick, such as when a bacteria or virus enters the lungs and begins to grow in numbers. As a result of those irritants being in the lungs, our body reacts by coughing.

Suture Wound Southlake

Do you need stitches?

All of us have experienced cuts at some point in our life but in some cases, it is necessary to get professional help so that the cut can be closed properly. This is often an issue when the cut is deep or if it is in an area of the body which would make it difficult for it to heal, such as at a joint in the finger. In any case, there may be times when it is necessary for a doctor to use sutures to close the cut effectively and to allow it to heal properly.

sore throat-treatment-keller

Are You Suffering from a Sore Throat?

A sore throat is an issue that can occur for a number of different reasons. At times, it may be due to an infectious disease but it can also be due to various types of irritation which can occur from the environment around us. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the issues that can be associated with this problem and what solutions may be available to help you to deal with it effectively. For any problems with your throat, you can trust the professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care to provide you with solutions to the problem.

broken bones southlake

Do you have a broken bone?

The bones in the body are remarkably strong but if too much pressure is applied to the area, it will result in a broken or split bone, known as a fracture. These are very serious issues and if you have a fracture, it is important for you to get proper care as soon as possible. There are some things for you to consider, however, which would make a difference in the type of care that you receive. If you are suffering from a broken bone, you can come to Better Faster Urgent Care and get the fast help that you need from a professional staff.