Fractured Ribs

southlake broken bone doctor grapevine fractures ribsAny bone in the body can be broken but when you are suffering from fractured ribs, you have a very specific type of injury. In this article, we are going to look into the definition of fractured ribs as well as the symptoms that you may be experiencing and any treatment options that are available. Many individuals who live in the SouthLake and Grapevine areas get the treatment that they need from Better Faster Urgent Care when they suffer from this and any other difficulty. You can get the quick help through professionals that care.

Ribs can be injured in many different ways but when you are discussing a rib injury, more than likely you are talking about a fracture. When a fracture occurs, it means that the bone of the rib is broken, and it may also involve more than one of the ribs as well. More than likely, you will also experience other difficulties because the nearby muscle can be affected, including severe bruising and other difficulties.

One of the most common reasons why individuals experience a rib fracture is because of traumatic injury. This could be from a slip and fall accident, in which they land on their chest or it could be because of an automobile accident, either because of the strain of the seat belt or because you are not wearing a seat belt and may have come into contact with steering wheel. You may also experience this type of fracture if you are assaulted, because it is a common area of the body where you will be hit.

Another common reason why you may experience this difficulty is because of a problem with osteoporosis. This condition, in which the bones become brittle and thin, makes it more likely for you to experience a problem with broken bones, including those in the rib cage. When you have severe osteoporosis, it is also possible for you to have such an injury from even minor difficulties. For example, if you should happen to sneeze heavily or if you have a severe cough, you may experience a problem with a rib fracture in these instances. It is rare that young individuals are going to experience a problem with these types of fractures, unless there is a specific reason why they have them.

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Fractured Ribs

When you live in the Southlake or Grapevine area, you can get your diagnosis from the medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care. One of the ways in which they will check for this difficulty is by giving you a physical examination and asking you about your medical history. Since the area where the fracture took place will be painful and could either be tender to the touch or could hurt when you take a deep breath or if you cough, it may be easier to identify where the problem occurs.

It may also be possible that you will need an x-ray in order for the broken bone to show up. It is interesting to note, however, that x-rays are not often given directly to find out if you have a broken bone but rather, to look for any other difficulties that may be associated with it. Some people want to avoid x-rays, especially if it is a woman and there is a possibility that she is pregnant.

A number of treatment options may be available, depending upon the severity of the break and your specific circumstances. In some cases, the injury will simply heal on its own, if you give it the time to do so. During the time that the fracture is healing, it may be necessary for you to have pain medication, which will allow you to overcome the difficult pain that is likely associated with it. It may also be necessary to treat the condition differently if you are susceptible to various problems, such as heart failure or COPD. If you are more likely to get an infection, the medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care will take that into consideration as well.

Although fractured ribs may be able to heal on their own, there are also reasons why you would want to seek medical advice if you have such a difficulty. The medical professionals available through can give you the help that you need and you can stop by our clinic for a diagnosis and for additional information about how you can be treated for the injuries that you have experienced.