There are many different types of viral infections, including those that can lead to cold sores and the viruses that cause either the common cold or the flu. Viruses may also be responsible for other difficulties that can affect various areas of the body, including a problem with shingles. This type of virus can cause a very painful rash and, that rash may affect any part of the body. In this article, we are going to discuss the reason why you experience this difficulty and what can be done to treat it properly.

First of all, it’s important to recognize that there are treatment options that may be able to help if you suffer from this difficulty. You can trust the medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care to care for your needs and to provide you with any medication that is appropriate for your condition. Many individuals who live in the SouthLake or Grapevine area take advantage of the services that we offer.

The problem that you are experiencing with shingles is caused by a specific type of virus that is known as the varicella zoster virus. It is the same virus which caused you to have a problem with chickenpox at an earlier time in your life. Chickenpox may only last for a week or so, but once the virus is in the body, it is not going to exit it. Even though you may have had chickenpox many decades before your shingles occurred, it is from the same virus that has been hiding in your nervous system for all of those years. Once it begins to reactivate, it can travel through the nerve pathways and eventually, will result in shingles when it reaches the skin.

Although it is not fully understood why individuals suffer from this difficulty, it is typically thought to be a problem with your immune system. When you had chickenpox, your body developed antibodies, which kept you from developing a problem with chickenpox again, even though you still had the virus in your body. As you get older, however, your immune system may begin to weaken and it is more likely that you will experience a difficulty with shingles. This is also a problem that is more common in individuals with weak or compromised immune systems.

Since the virus that leads to shingles is the same virus that causes chickenpox, you may be contagious during the time that your shingles are active. If you come into contact with somebody that has not yet had chickenpox, you could cause them to experience the difficulty if they come into contact with the open sores. Those individuals who come into contact with you will develop chickenpox, however, and will not have shingles at that time.

The Symptoms and Treatments for Shingles

When you have this difficulty, it is likely that you will come to Better Faster Urgent Care because of the severity of the symptoms that you may be experiencing. At times, the symptoms can include a very painful sensation that is usually localized to one side of the body. It could include a red rash, as well as blisters that are filled with fluid and the area may be burning, painful, tingling or it could itch. You may also have other symptoms that are associated with shingles, including fatigue, headaches and a fever.

The pain that is associated with shingles is often very intense and it is one of the first signs that you are having a difficulty with this problem. Since it can affect various areas of the body, some people may be misdiagnosed as having problems with their lungs, heart or even their kidneys. Although a stripe of blisters and the rash is the most common symptom, it is not one that all people are going to experience.

If you are having a problem that may be shingles, it is important for you to get medical assistance. This would include if you are over the age of 70, if you have a weak immune system or if the rash or pain is close to the eye. You can contact the medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care for a diagnosis and treatment. Although there is not a cure for this difficulty, there are medications that can help to reduce the pain that you are experiencing and may reduce the length of time that you are experiencing the outbreak. These would include antiviral drugs but you may also be given a prescription for other medications to help control the pain that may be associated with this difficulty.