indoor perennial allergiesAllergens exist in the world around us and at times, we may suffer from allergies and not know exactly why we are suffering from them. This is especially true in the household, because there may be a number of different allergens that exist, some of which we may not even be familiar with. Being able to determine the exact type of allergy that you are suffering from is the first step in being able to deal with the allergy and to reduce the symptoms to the greatest extent possible.

At Better Faster Urgent Care, we provide skin testing for allergies to those who come to our walk-in clinic. A skin test is a simple procedure in which small pinpricks insert a minuscule amount of protein from the potential allergens under your skin on your back. Each area is related to a specific type of allergen, and they are monitored closely for any type of reaction that occurs after the pinpricks take place. Typically, the reaction is only a mild bump that is similar to a mosquito bite. It may itch slightly, but it is the visible manifestation of the allergic reaction that lets your physician know the exact cause of your allergy.

Although there are many different types of allergies that may be tested for, including tree, grass, mold, weed and animal allergies, indoor perennial may also be a possibility as well. These include allergens that exist in most homes but we may not be familiar with them. They can include dust mites, German cockroach and American cockroach. If you suffer from allergic symptoms because of the presence of these allergens, it can make you quite uncomfortable.

The symptoms of allergies to indoor perennial allergens may differ in severity from one individual to another. In some cases, they are going to cause a mild reaction that can include stuffy nose, runny nose, itching, hives, skin rash, coughing, sneezing or red and watery eyes. At times, these symptoms may be little more than a nuisance but if they are persistent, they can affect your quality of life. At other times, allergic reactions to indoor perennial allergens can be quite severe.

There may be a number of treatment options available if you suffer from these types of allergies. The first step, however, is to come to Better Faster Urgent Care to have a skin allergy test completed. In that way, the exact cause of your symptoms can be pinpointed and a treatment option can be suggested. It might include removing the allergens to the greatest extent possible from your environment or there may be various medications that you can use, including antihistamines, that will help to reduce your allergic symptoms.

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