grass allergyThroughout the Dallas Metroplex, many people suffer from allergy symptoms and at times, they can be quite difficult to manage. For some individuals, allergy symptoms are nothing more than a nuisance but at times, the symptoms can be quite severe and can even affect your quality of life. There are many different types of allergies, but one of the common allergies that may be experienced in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is an allergy to grass pollen.

Since grass pollen is a relatively common trigger that can lead to allergy symptoms, it may be something that you experience on almost an ongoing basis. The symptoms that you have due to grass pollen can include coughing, stuffy nose, runny nose and itchy eyes. Although you may be suspicious that you are having a reaction to the grass in the area, there are also many other allergens that could because the problem as well. Even mold, which grows on the grass, can cause allergy symptoms so it is necessary to come to Better Faster Urgent Care for allergy testing to determine the exact reason why you are having a reaction.

Grass pollen is in the air at almost all of the time but you are not able to see it, because the pollen is microscopic. You may be curious as to why you are having such a strong reaction to something that you can’t see. You might be surprised to learn that it is not the pollen that is causing the reaction but rather, it is your own immune system. When you inhale the pollen, it may cause your immune system to release histamine, which provokes an inflammatory response. It is the release of histamine that causes your symptoms, not the pollen itself.

There are many different types of grass that could lead to an allergic reaction. When you come to Better Faster Urgent Care for your allergy skin test, we will test for Bermuda Grass, Johnson, Meadow, Ryegrass, Timothy and Kentucky Bluegrass. Some of the protein from the allergen in those types of grass will be put under the skin on your back with a small pinprick. The spots where the pinpricks occur will be monitored to see if you have a reaction, which is usually seen as a small bump that is similar to a mosquito bite. You may also have some slight itching as a result of the shots as well.

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Being able to determine what you are allergic to is a large portion of being able to deal with it successfully. Although it is impossible to completely avoid grass pollen, you will be able to avoid it to a large part if you understand when it is at its highest levels, including on windy days or if grass grows long. Even eating certain types of foods can lead to an allergic reaction if you have a problem with grass pollen. These are things that will be discussed with you by the medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care when you have your skin test completed.