Tarrant Measles emergency roomA diagnosis of measles, a disease that is also known as rubeola or at times, red measles, is relatively uncommon in the United States. This is due to a vaccination that is given to most children, which prevents the disease from occurring in many cases. In this article, we are going to review the cause of measles, along with the symptoms you may experience if you have the problem. We will also discuss the treatment that is available for this condition, if you happen to get it. Although it is uncommon, there are sometimes when people in the South Lake or Grapevine area may experience the difficulty. A visit to Better Faster Urgent Care is in order, if you suffer from the problem.

When an individual is suffering from measles, they have an infection that is caused by a virus. It is very easy to spread the virus from one person to another, because it is contained in the small water droplets that are expelled when an individual sneezes or coughs. It may also be possible to get the virus if you share items, including food or drinks and if you are in close proximity to somebody that is infected, and is not even necessary for them to sneeze or cough in order for you to catch it.

The rash that is associated with measles does not start when it first infects the body. In fact, it may be quite some time before the virus begins to display itself in the form of symptoms and you may be contagious, even up to four days before the rash begins. Measles continues to be contagious for up to four days after the rash begins to appear.

The virus that causes measles is one that only can make you sick one time in your life. The majority of people that were born prior to 1957 have already had measles, so they are not going to need to worry about getting it again. Other people, however, who have been born since that time still have the possibility of catching measles, although there is a vaccination which makes it unlikely that you will have the difficulty. Not everybody gets the vaccination, however, which is why you still hear about measles outbreaks from time to time.

The Symptoms and Diagnosis of Measles

Although the primary symptom of this condition is a rash that may extend from your head to your toes, it is certainly not the only symptom that you may experience. Many individuals who suffer from this condition also have symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and a runny nose. You may also run a relatively high fever and you could have swollen lymph nodes, as well as diarrhea that may also be symptoms that you will experience. These symptoms tend to be those that are experienced when you first catch measles, and as those symptoms begin to dissipate, the rash begins to develop.

In most people, the rash does not begin immediately but rather, it is something that starts in the mouth. Red spots may appear on the inside of the mouth, after which you will experience a red rash that can extend over the entire body. Although it is a condition that typically affects children, it is possible for adults to get the condition that they are exposed to it and have not yet had it.

A diagnosis of measles is typically given when you experience the symptoms and visit a clinic, such as our professional medical clinic at Better Faster Urgent Care. Along with a physical examination, you may be given a viral culture and a blood test in order to rule out the possibility that measles exist. It is important to understand that the symptoms of measles do not appear and the incubation period, which occurs after you are exposed to the virus but before the symptoms appear can be up to 18 days in length.

Most people are able to overcome a problem with measles, but there may be certain meds that are given, depending upon your condition. It is important for you to get the medical care that you need, however, to disallow the possibility of more serious issues, such as brain swelling or pneumonia. The medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can give you a proper diagnosis and can care for your condition. If you live in the SouthLake or Grapevine area, and are concerned that you may have measles, you can stop by the office to get the treatment that you need.