Are You Feeling Dizzy?

There are many different complaints of symptoms that may be due to an underlying issue that is taking place in the human body. One of the more common complaints that can be associated with a number of different issues is dizziness. In fact, this is a term that is often used for the description of any number of different issues, from feeling weak or lightheaded to feeling is if you are going to faint. Even individuals who are unsteady on their feet may feel as if they have a problem with dizziness as well. The medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can help to diagnose your problem and provide solutions.

In some cases, you may experience a spinning sensation. This is often an issue that is referred to as vertigo and can be a very troubling problem. In some cases, it may occur when you are lying on your back or if you put your head in a certain position that causes the spinning to start. It can be a mild problem but in some cases, it may also be quite severe and make it difficult for you to stay standing. It is also an issue that can make you nauseous in some cases.

As you can imagine, a problem with dizziness, which is fairly common, is one of the more troubling issues which would make a person seek medical advice. If you are experiencing dizzy spells or if you feel as if you are going to faint, you may be wondering what is taking place below the surface that could be leading to the problem. You can trust your medical care to the medical professionals at, who can assist you in getting the proper diagnosis and discussing various treatment options, which may be available for your specific case.

What Causes Dizziness?

There are many different underlying issues which could result in a feeling of being dizzy or faint. In the case of vertigo, it could be a problem with Ménière’s disease or an inflammation that occurs within the inner ear. It may also be associated with migraine headaches or a benign growth that can occur on the vestibular nerve. In more rare cases, vertigo can be a sign that you are having a stroke or that you are suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Feeling as if you are going to faint can also be caused by a number of different underlying reasons as well. This can include a drop in your blood pressure or if your heart is not pumping enough blood. If you are feeling faint or if you are suffering from any form of dizziness, the best solution is to be checked at Better Faster Urgent Care. We will make your case of priority and you will get the timely, professional service that our clients have come to expect.