Foreign Body in Ear

ear doctor grapevine ear care urgent careA common medical problem that is not commonly discussed is if you have a foreign body lodged in your ear. This can happen to people of any age, but it is more common for children to have an issue with something being lodged in the ear canal. In this chapter, we are going to take a look at some of the different objects that can be found in the ear canal, what the issue may be with them being there and what can be done in order to treat the problem effectively without causing additional difficulties.

The ear canal is a relatively small area of the human body, and it is also something that is only accessible from a single opening. If something should happen to become lodged in the area of the ear canal, it could cause a number of different problems, including affecting the hearing of the individual who has the problem. The ear canal leads from the opening at the ear to the eardrum, so if a foreign body is stuck in the area, it could affect the eardrum and the hearing. In addition, the ear canal is an area of the body that is somewhat sensitive, so it could be an irritation if something is in the area.

Although there are almost an endless amount of foreign bodies that could become lodged in the area, some of the more common types of objects include childrens toys, beads, food and insects. Many parents don’t realize that children, who are curious about the world around them tend to put small objects into the ear, where they could become lodged. This is a natural behavior, but it is one that can be destructive if it is allowed to occur.

Another type of foreign body, which is actually a natural occurrence is the accumulation of earwax. It can cause similar difficulties to those that are experienced when a foreign body is lodged in the ear, including affecting the hearing of the individual and perhaps leading to discomfort.

More than likely, if you have something that is lodged in your ear canal, you are going to be aware of it. After all, this part of the body is very sensitive and it is likely that you are experiencing some type of irritation when a foreign body is present. At times, however, it may be possible that you will be unaware that the issue exists, except for the possibility of symptoms that may be a problem.

One of the most common symptoms of having something stuck in the ear canal is pain. This is especially true if the object is large enough that it is blocking the majority of the ear canal from being open. A loss of hearing may also be experienced on that side, which is another common symptom. If the object is allowed to remain in place for too long, it could lead to an infection and you may experience drainage from the area as well.

If the object is sharp, you may have some bleeding along with the pain. Some people tend to clear their throat or cough when they have something stuck in their ear as well, because a nerve that is in the ear canal can be stimulated that affects that part of the throat. If you have a live insect that is stuck in the ear, it can be a very stressful situation because of the buzzing and movement of the insect.

What to Do If You Have Something Stuck in Your Ear

If you have an object stuck in your ear, it is important that you treat the issue properly. If the object is an insect that is still alive, some mineral oil that is dripped into the ear will likely care for the problem and the insect may come out on its own. It is very important, however, that you never put anything into the ear to try to remove the foreign object, because it can actually push it further back into the ear and cause additional difficulties.

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