Are you suffering from a headache?

headachePain is a common problem and it can occur throughout the human body but the most common type of pain that is experienced is a headache. Although most people tend to lump the different types of headaches into a single category, there are actually a number of types of issues that can be called by this name. In fact, they can be classified in different ways as well, including primary and secondary neuralgia. If you are suffering from this problem and would like to get some relief, you can trust the medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care to provide you with what you need.

Tension Headaches – This is the most common of the issues that results in head pain. It is more likely to affect a woman than a man and it is estimated that up to 5% of the world population suffer from this type of head pain on any given day.

Migraines – This is also a very common type of head pain but it can be much more severe than other types. At times, it can be debilitating and it often is associated with other symptoms, such as visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light or sound.

Clusters – Although this type of head pain is somewhat rare, it is extremely serious and can result in extreme pain that can last for an extended amount of time.

These different types of head pain that were discussed above are known as primary headaches. They can occur on an occasional basis but some individuals suffer from them regularly. If you have a difficulty with head pain, the medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care would be happy to assist you in dealing with the problem in the best way possible.

Understanding Secondary Headaches

The headaches that were described above are primary but there also secondary issues which could lead to a problem with head pain as well. These can include structural issues that occur in the neck or head, such as birth defects or issues that occur as you grow. Additionally, dental pain or sinus infections can also lead to this type of head pain. If you are suffering from a secondary headache, it is important for the underlying reason why you are experiencing the pain to be discovered. The medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can assist you at finding the underlying cause and in getting the treatment options that will work for you.

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