Pharyngitis keller urgent care doctorsIf you suffer from a sore throat, a condition that is known as pharyngitis, it may be due to a number of different underlying conditions. Regardless of why it occurs, it can lead to discomfort that would include pain in the area of the throat. Many people that suffer from this condition also have a difficulty with swallowing. In this article, we are going to look at the various causes that can lead to this condition and how you may be able to overcome the problem, depending upon why it is occurring.

The basic reason why you are suffering from a sore throat is because there is a swelling in the area of the back of the throat. The area that is affected when you have this condition is the area known as the pharynx. This is a part of the throat that lies between the larynx and the tonsils. It may be due to a number of different conditions, although the symptoms of a sore throat are similar, regardless of why it is being caused. If you live in the SouthLake or Grapevine area, you can come to Better Faster Urgent Care for help with this and other medical conditions that may be troubling you.

Bacterial Pharyngitis – One of the common reasons why you may be suffering from this condition is because of a bacterial infection. For example, strep throat is a common reason why a sore throat occurs, and it is due to a bacteria that is known as A Streptococcus. Other types of bacterial infections can also lead to this type of condition, including those that are associated with certain types of STDs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Viral Pharyngitis – The most common reason why a sore throat occurs is because of a viral infection. The common cold often has the symptom of a sore throat, as does the flu, both of which are caused by a type of virus. Mononucleosis is another type of viral infection that commonly leads to a sore throat.

This type of problem can occur at any time but it is more likely to occur during the colder, winter months. This is not due to the fact that the cold weather causes the spread of bacteria or viruses, but it is because most people tend to be in closer proximity to each other when the weather is cold outside. It is not uncommon for many members within a single family or individuals who are in close contact with each other to come down with the same symptoms, because they come into contact with the virus or bacteria that can lead to this difficulty.

Taking a Look at the Symptoms of Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis can cause a number of different symptoms, the most common of which is a problem with a sore or scratchy throat. Individuals who suffer from this condition may also have additional symptoms, including joint pains and muscle aches, as well as skin rashes, which can affect any area of the body. It is also common for individuals who suffer from this condition to experience headaches and fever. An additional complication that can lead to a sore throat is swollen lymph nodes, which are in the back of the neck.

If you suffer from a sore throat or any of the other conditions associated with pharyngitis, you can come into Better Faster Urgent Care to see what type of treatment is available. The medical professionals will perform a physical exam, as well as looking at the back of the throat to determine if you are suffering from this condition. There may also be a throat culture taken, which will be able to determine if you have either bacterial or viral pharyngitis.

If you have a problem with bacterial pharyngitis, it is likely that you will receive a prescription for antibiotic medications. Those medications can destroy the bacteria that is leading to the problem. If you suffer from viral pharyngitis, antibiotics will be ineffective, but there are certain antiviral medications that could help. There may also be other treatment options for this condition, including gargling saltwater and drinking warm liquids.

Additional complications may also be experienced when you have this condition, including sinusitis, an ear infection or an abscess in the area of the tonsils.

If you live in the Southlake or Grapevine area and have a sore throat or any other symptom, the professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can help you to feel better. You can stop by their office for a checkup and treatment, and there is no need for you to have an appointment in advance.