Do You Suffer from Seasonal Allergies?

A problem with allergies is a relatively common condition and the symptoms that are associated with it can range from mild to severe. In some cases, allergies may take place throughout the year and they may be to specific items which are always present, such as dust or different types of food. At other times, however, the allergies may only occur when the allergen is present and at other times of the year, we may be free of symptoms. The professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can assist you in feeling better when you have allergies.

Although millions of people suffer from allergies, many of them do not understand why they are having the symptoms. They may blame it on the pollen, pet dander or other allergen but in reality, it is their own body that is to blame. When an allergen comes into the body or if it comes in contact with our skin or eyes, out immune system over reacts to it and sends out chemicals, such as histamine, which cause the discomfort that we are experiencing. The discomfort is caused by inflammation, but it is an overreaction of our immune system, not the allergen, which is causing the problem.

Since histamine is often at the root of our discomfort, one of the ways that many people who suffer from allergies try to combat it is with an antihistamine medication. This type of medicine does not stop your body from producing histamine but it does block the histamine receptors in our cells, which stops the symptoms. It does not stop the allergy from occurring, as our immune system is still releasing histamine, but it does help with our discomfort. It can also result in additional symptoms, such as drowsiness. There are also other drugs which may help with allergy symptoms in other ways as well.

What to do when seasonal allergies strike

You have a few options when seasonal allergies are a problem. One of the options is to try to avoid the allergen if at all possible. This may help to reduce your symptoms but it is not typically possible to completely avoid it. You may also need some type of medication or another solution which can help to ease your suffering as well. These are options that can be discussed with you when you come into Better Faster Urgent Care to get the care that you need.

Better Faster Urgent Care is located in Southlake, Tx and is well known for the friendly and convenient services that they provide. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from seasonal allergies or if you have another health problem, we can address the issue and give you the care that you need.