Help for shortness of breath

Shortness of BreathOne of the more troubling issues for many people is that they may experience breathing difficulties from time to time. In some individuals, this can be the sign of a chronic condition but in other cases, it is a symptom associated with another, more serious condition. If you are experiencing this difficulty and are having a problem breathing, you can stop by the Southlake office of Better Faster Urgent Care for fast medical attention. We will make your case a priority and we always ensure that we care for our patients in a professional and personal manner.

Some of the more common issues that can result in shortness of breath include lung diseases. Asthma is one of the more common of these diseases, and it can affect an individual from the time that they are very young. COPD, an issue that is often associated with smoking, can also result in a problem with your breathing as well. These issues may be common, but the discomfort that you are experiencing because of the condition is anything but common. It can severely limit your quality of life and at times, can even result in a more serious attack of breathing difficulties which may even be fatal.

There are also times that the shortness of breath is an outward symptom of a very serious underlying problem that would require prompt medical attention. At times, it may be a symptom of heart difficulties, such as heart failure or cardiomyopathy. It is important for you to ensure that any symptom which involves your ability to breathe is checked out quickly and thoroughly. It may not be something as serious as a heart problem, but it could be an issue that needs to be addressed promptly so that more serious breathing difficulties do not occur.

When Shortness of Breath Becomes Chronic

As was discussed above, issues such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma can result in chronic breathing problems and may make it difficult for you to take a deep breath at any time. There are also other issues which can cause a problem with your breathing that is chronic. These may include pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer, tuberculosis and a condition known as pulmonary hypertension. You may also suffer from chronic breathing problems if you are obese. It is always best to be checked anytime you are having a problem with your breathing to ensure that more serious issues are not lying beneath the surface.

The medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care would be happy to assist you with your problem. We have a convenient location in Southlake Texas and you can stop by our office for fast, professional assistance and a proper diagnosis. We not only take care of you quickly, we ensure that you are cared for on a personalized basis and you will pay much less than what you would pay for treatment at the emergency room.