Fish Hook - Better FasterThere are many things we may do in the summer months that are quite enjoyable. The warmer weather and sunny skies make it possible for us to get outdoors and to take full advantage of what it has to offer. One of the enjoyable activities that many of us take part in during the summer months is fishing. It is a recreational sport that provides both a relaxing environment as well as some excitement if the fish happen to be biting. One of the problems that we may experience when it comes to fishing, however, is for a fishhook to get embedded in our flesh.

The subject of fish hook removal has been debated by people for many years. Although it is uncommon for a very serious injury to occur, there is a degree of trauma that is associated with penetrating the tissue with a fishhook. It also depends on the type of hook and the area of the skin that is affected by this particular injury. The following can give you some information about how to remove the fishhook and to do so safely. It is also good to keep in mind that any type of serious injury would require a visit to Better Faster Urgent Care, where you can get professional help.

First of all, any type of serious fishhook injury should not be cared for on your own. This will include any type of injury that involves the eye. If ocular involvement is a problem, you should seek emergency medical assistance immediately at Better Faster Urgent Care. In addition, if there are any other serious injuries associated with the embedment of a fishhook, it should be cared for by professional medical personnel.

The first, and perhaps most important thing to do is to take a careful look at the injury and to see what type of penetration has taken place. In most cases, the soft tissues of the extremities are going to be involved, including the arms and hands, face and head or the neck. The fact of the matter is, however, any part of the body may be involved. The depth of the injury is also going to be something that requires careful consideration. In most cases, the force that is associated with the embedment of a fishhook is not going to be enough to cause a serious issue. In some cases, however, a deep embedment is going to be a problem.

The size and type of the fishhook are also going to make a difference in the seriousness of a problem. One of the most common issues that are associated with this type of injury is whether or not the hook had a barb on it. If it does, special care needs to be taken during the removal so that additional damage does not occur to the skin. In this case, it may be necessary to snip the barb off of the hook so that it does not further damage the skin when you try to remove it.

Better Fast - Fish HookIn some cases, the hook may be embedded and it is not protruding from the skin. This can be a more serious issue, especially if there is a barb on the hook. If it is completely embedded into the skin, then you should immediately go to Better Faster Urgent Care for assistance. Make sure that you take the same type of hook along with you so they can inspect it and see what they are dealing with from the start.

Something else that is important to consider is the cleanliness of removing the fishhook from the skin. There may be some issues involved in this regard, especially if bait has already been used on the hook. It could embed in the skin and cause problems. Some type of antiseptic may need to be used in order to ensure that infection does not become a problem.

If a hook is deeply embedded in the skin, it is quite painful to remove it so an anesthetic may be used. There are some anesthetics available at the drugstore that may be able to help but typically, it is going to require something more than what you are able to get over the counter. The medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can handle the situation properly. They can numb the area, remove the hook and provide any secondary medical attention than is necessary to help ensure that additional problems do not occur. In addition, they can provide the care quickly and effectively, because you will be a priority.