Better Faster - Water SafteyOne of the most enjoyable pastimes that we have for the summer is swimming. It doesn’t matter if we are getting together with a group of friends to swim in a lake or swimming with our children in the backyard, it’s a great way to cool off and to enjoy some of what the summer weather has to offer. There are also some serious potential issues that are associated with swimming, so anytime we are around the water, safety should always be a priority.

First of all, we will discuss swimming in this article but it is also important to consider all aspects of water safety. This would include any time you are out on the water, regardless of whether it is fishing, waterskiing or taking part in any other type of water activity. The water is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself but it only takes a moment for a serious issue to occur. By keeping safety in mind and making it a priority, you are able to enjoy the water without having to be overly concerned about an injury.

One of the first rules for water safety when it comes to swimming with children is never to take your eye off of the children. It only takes a matter of seconds for a child to drown and they can do so silently, even if the water is shallow. Anytime you are dealing with a child who is not an experienced swimmer, you should stay in the water with them and watch them carefully, providing them with all of your attention. If the child is able to swim longer distances, you might not need to hover over them but it is still important to keep your eye on them.

One of the most important things that we can do to ensure that everything is as safe as possible when we are in or around the water is to avoid distractions. The problem is, we deal with a distraction that is with us at all times, and that is our phone. If you turn your attention away from your child to answer a text message or check an email, that is all the time that it takes for the child to become submerged. It is always best to keep your phone within reach in the event of an emergency but adjust it to a setting where you will not be disturbed.

Water SafteyIf you are at a larger gathering where there are many people around, including children, it’s a good idea to assign somebody who will be specifically responsible for watching everyone in the water. This can either be a parent or perhaps even a professional lifeguard. Rotate through the people who are taking part in this duty and have them avoid drinking alcohol or doing anything else that would impair their judgment.

If you are swimming in any location where you are not familiar with the area, make sure that you carefully scout out the water for any potential dangers. This is especially true if your swimming in a lake or river because there can be submerged obstacles that could lead to serious injury if they are not identified in advance. Some of the possible injuries include those to the head and neck, and it could be a life-threatening situation if you don’t identify those problems before you get in the water.

There are many other issues associated with water safety that do not necessarily involve drowning. Being cautious when you’re around the water, not running on the pool deck, for example, is important. You should also be cautious about being out in the sun for an extended amount of time without wearing the proper sun protection. Sunburn can be a serious problem but an issue with sun poisoning is a medical problem that needs to be addressed. Likewise, you should also be cautious about dehydration. Even though you may be around a lot of water when you’re swimming, it is still necessary to drink water so that you don’t get dehydrated.

One other suggestion is to learn CPR. It is always the hope of anyone who is around the water that they will never have to use it but in the event that you find yourself in a situation where somebody needs CPR, it could save a life. It is also a good idea to know the route to Better Faster Urgent Care in case somebody is injured and requires medical assistance. At that facility, you will receive priority care.