Better Faster - ConcussionWhen we think of serious injuries, one of the possibilities that typically comes to our mind is a concussion. Although most of us are somewhat familiar with this problem and we may realize what causes it, there may be a lot about it that we don’t understand. Having more of an understanding on the subject cannot only help you to avoid a problem with concussions, it can also alert you to specific problems that may take place if it should happen to occur. Finally, it will help you to know the possible treatment options so that you can get the help you need as soon as possible.

A concussion is a type of brain injury and it is a traumatic injury that has an effect on the function of the brain. When you suffer from this type of problem, you may experience various types of symptoms that can include headaches and a difficulty concentrating. For the most part, the effects of this type of injury are going to be temporary but in some cases, it can lead to long-term problems if it is not treated properly. If you think that you may have this problem, getting the proper treatment is imperative.

This type of an injury occurs, for the most part, when you have a blow to the head. There are also times when it may occur as a result of violent shaking of the upper body or head as well. Not all of these problems are going to cause you to lose consciousness but in some cases, they will. It is also possible to have this issue and not to realize that you are suffering from the problem. Some of the more common reasons why people experience these problems are from automobile accidents, slip and fall injuries and injuries that are associated with playing a contact sport.

Some of the symptoms that may be experienced when you have this problem are subtle. They may not show up right away and sometimes, they may be extreme and immediate. Sometimes the symptoms may last for several minutes and at other times, they could last for weeks or perhaps even longer. Recognizing the symptoms of this type of brain injury can help you to get the needed assistance if you should have a problem.

Some of the common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include headaches, a loss of consciousness, amnesia, confusion, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, delayed response, slurred speech, fatigue and feeling dazed. These are the temporary and sometimes immediate symptoms, but there may also be others that can last for the long term. These would include problems with your memory or concentration, disturbances in your sleep, sensitivity to noise and light, personality changes, changes in your smell or taste, and depression.

Recognizing the symptoms of a brain injury in yourself is one thing but if it occurs in someone else, it is a good idea to recognize the potential symptoms as well. That is especially true of young children, and head trauma is a relatively common issue when a child is young. Since they are not always easy to recognize, especially since they cannot communicate how they are feeling, you can watch for these clues. Listlessness, dazed appearance, loss of balance, irritability, excessive crying, no interest in toys, or changes in sleep/eating habits.

One of the most common questions associated with a concussion is if it is necessary to see a physician or not. If you have experienced any type of brain injury or a traumatic event that could have led to this type of brain injury, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any severe symptoms, emergency medical care is needed. Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, it’s a good idea to get checked out at Better Faster Urgent Care.

The brain is an absolutely fascinating part of the human body but it is also one that is prone to injury. Regardless of whether it was an automobile accident or an athletic mishap, take care of what is needed to stay healthy. You should also avoid further brain injury during the time that you may be suffering from a concussion because it could compound the issue and make it even more difficult to treat. Bed rest is typically required, but the doctors at Better Faster Urgent Care will provide you with more specific instructions on how to begin the healing process if you have this type of difficulty.